• Digital Forensics Unit overall function is to identify, preserve, acquire and analyze all electronic devices related to all cyber-enabled offences reported so as to collect digital evidence which is presented in a court of law for prosecution purposes.
  • Our Digital Forensics Unit  assist Law Enforcement Agencies,Private and Public Institutions in the practice of identifying, extracting,collecting, preserving,analyzing, and discover digital evidence from electronic devices and prosecute criminals in a court of law.

  • Electronic Devices (Media Devices that hold Potential Data) include but not limited to Computers,Mobile Phones,Drones, iPads,iPods,MP3 Music Players,Hard Drives,Digital Cameras, Digital Watches,Flash Disks,Memory Cards,Backup Tapes,CDs& DVDs,CCTV Footage, Global Positioning Systems(GPS), Servers,.....etc.).

Our Digital Forensics Unit provides services in the following areas:

Financial Fraud, Data Modification, Identity Theft and its Misuse, Cyber bullying/Stalking, Data Theft, Pornography, Theft of Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property, Corruption, Unauthorized Access to Confidential Information, Harassment or discrimination, Fraud, ……etc


1. Computer Forensics Services

It deals with extracting data from storage media by searching active, deleted files and also from unallocated, slack spaces using latest forensic tools and technical expertise to find out who is responsible for misuse of computer systems, or perhaps who committed a crime using a computer system or against a computer system.

2. Mobile Phone Forensics Services

It deals with extracting electronic data for legal evidence purposes from cellular phones, Smartphones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Drones, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units and other mobile devices using specialized software and equipment designed specifically for advanced cell phone forensics.

3. Memory Forensics Services

Memory Forensics is the process of searching for possible artifacts in the computer’s memory (RAM).

4. Forensic Data Recovery of Hard Disk Drive, USB Flash Drive, Memory Cards, Drones, Digital Cameras, Digital watches, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), CD and DVD Drives, etc.

Whatever the cause, we can recover your data using our forensic and recovery tools.

5. Database Forensics Services

Database forensics is a branch of digital forensic science relating to the forensic study of databases and their related metadata. The discipline is similar to computer forensics, following the normal forensic process and applying investigative techniques to database contents and metadata.

6. Forensic Data Analysis (FDA) Services

It is a branch of Digital Forensics that examine the structured data with the aim to discover and analyze patterns of fraudulent activities resulting from financial crimes.

7. Web Forensics Services

It deals with extracting artifacts from various web browsers including Firefox, Google chrome, Internet Explorer, used in mobile devices, tablets, netbooks, desktops, etc., depending on their versions.

8. Image and Video Forensics Services

Digital Image & Video Forensics deal with the problem of certifying the authenticity of picture and digital video data, or its origin.

Image Forensics :

1) Image Source Identification ;

2) Discrimination of Computer Generated Images ;

3) Image Forgery Detection.

9. Forensic SIM Card Analysis Services

Recover Messages & Information from Mobile Phone SIM Cards

10. Forensic Expert Witness Report &Testimony Services