Microbiology Forensic Service

Forensic Microbiology is a new scientific discipline established in order to strengthen the law enforcement response especially in a bioterrorism event and other related criminal investigations in Rwanda Forensic Laboratory i.e use of microorganisms, their toxins, or their associated ancillary products to commit acts of crime or terror.

Forensic Microbiology is also be applied in criminal investigation of any emergency cases, if it’s originated from microbial infection. i.e food poisoning or foodborne intoxication (outbreak investigation).

Autopsy Microbiology to check if the sudden unexpected death is due to microbial infection

 Checking the contamination of foods and drinks e.g. flour, local drinks like grain-based energy drink (Ikigage & Ubushere), industrial products like juice, water, milk and milk products, packed food etc. before their consumption.

These tools can also be applied to investigate the transmission of pathogenic microorganism caused by sexual abuse and other physical offense.