A. Services delivered by the unit

The Drugs and Chemistry is one among the units belong to Chemistry Division.  Its responsibility is to chemically examine either qualitatively or quantitatively the physical evidence collected at crime scene and other evidence which are under investigation. The unit employs the experienced analysts whose forensic expertise to handle chemistry and toxicological cases and ultimately compile result report which describes the forensic expert opinion to the requestor(s). In the Unit of Drugs and Chemistry, two categories of analysis are routinely being carried out as its name denotes. It's about drug analysis and the analysis of other chemicals.

A.1. Analysis of Drugs

First category of analysis, the analyst handles only cases which involves these sorts of evidence: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) and pharmaceutical drugs (abuse & poisoning cases).

A.2. Analysis of other chemical substances

While in the second category of analysis, the analyst just handles cases which involves the following sorts of evidence: Analysis of ethanol and methanol in either locally or industrially made alcoholic drinks as well as other harmful or poisonous chemical substances including pesticides and hazardous metals (e.g. poisoning cases). It also looks at the analysis of minerals (e.g. illegal mining & mineral fraud cases); paints (e.g. traffic accident cases); petroleum products and fire debris (e.g. arson cases); explosives and bomb blast cases; glass fragments (e.g. burglary cases) etc…